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Below is a list of all the clubs that fall under SAVMA at Mississippi State University. To contact a club president or any officer, please click on their name.

AABP - American Association of Bovine Practitioners

The American Association of Bovine Practitioners is an international association of veterinarians serving society as leaders in cattle health, welfare and productivity. Our job as the Student Chapter of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners is to promote food animal medicine, to not only those with experience, but to those who have no experience. It is our hope that we can show you all the importance of food animal medicine and spark your interest in a field we hold so near to our hearts. AABP host monthly meetings, where a veterinarian active in cattle medicine, either from the MSU-CVM or those in industry will come and speak with us about their experiences. Each meeting will have a meal provided for those that are paid members. This year, we plan to host a handling meeting for those with cattle experience, and those new to cattle. We hope to host joint meetings with other clubs to broaden our horizons in bovine medicine. We hope you will join us this year!

President: Hannah Haynes
Vice President: Alec Lucas
Treasurer: Shauna Davee
Secretary: Emily Vowell
Advisors: Dr. Brett and Dr. Grissett
First Year Dues: $30
Second Year Dues: $30
Third Year Dues: $30
Fourth Dues: $15

AAVN - American Association of Veterinary Nutritionists

The American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition (AAVN) is an international association of veterinarians, animal nutrition scientists, veterinary technicians, industry representatives, and students (veterinary medicine, veterinary technician and animal science) with a common interest in animal nutrition. Our student chapter here at Mississippi State strives to recognize and promote the importance of optimal nutrition in animal care and veterinary medicine. A wide range of topics are explored as nutrition is the 5th vital assessment and can be used as a tool to achieve care-based and industry-based goals such as preventative and therapeutic medicine, performance optimization, and feed-to-weight-conversion. While this chapter is considered to be the new kid on the block both here at MSU-CVM and internationally, we have great aspirations to better our educational experience by providing opportunities to broaden understanding of animal nutrition while practicing and discussing relevant skills and topics in animal nutrition. We hope you will join us this year as we have very exciting things planned!

President: Abbey Fleming
Vice President: Carly Campbell
Treasurer & Secretary: Malorie Humble

AAVP - American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists

Parasites can be found in nearly all areas of veterinary medicine. Though many are small in size, their impact on our patients is quite large! So, we have a club dedicated to learning more about these fascinating creatures. The American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists (AAVP) was founded in 1956 and is a scientific and educational organization. Members of AAVP are interested in parasites of companion, food-producing, domesticated animals, and wildlife; some of which are transmissible to humans. We study these parasites to ultimately find new or better ways to diagnose, prevent, treat, or reduce infections in animals and in humans. One of the ways in which AAVP facilitates this is by holding NAVLE and first year pre-exam parasite reviews. Additionally, members can expect interesting research and case presentations from leading parasitologists, and activities such as parasite recovery labs, diagnostic labs, and collaborations with other CVM clubs. If the creepy crawlies on your furry friends interest you, or if you want to stay well-informed on the subject of parasitology, join AAVP!

President: Elizabeth Robinson
Vice President: Annie Carrigan
Treasurer: Kylie Roux
Secretary: Grace Stringer
Advisors: Dr. Varela-Stokes and Dr. Rosser
First/Second Year Dues: $10
Third/Fourth Year Dues: $5

AAEP - American Association of Equine Practitioners

The American Association of Equine Practitioners is the largest professional organization of equine veterinarians. The Mississippi State Student Chapter of the AAEP strives to provide its members with hands-on horse experience and the most up-to-date information on equine veterinary care. Monthly meetings are held on a variety of topics including farrier work, dental care, alternative therapy, infectious diseases, diagnostic techniques, surgery, client communication, nutrition and lameness. Guest speakers from around the country along with clinicians from our hospital are invited to lecture. Field trips or wet labs are also planned throughout the year to give members hands-on experience. This past year we had labs on horse handling, dental care, hoof trimming, and lower limb surgery. Dues are $35 for National AAEP membership and $25 for Student Chapter membership with the option available to only join the Student Chapter. National Membership grants students eligibility for AAEP specific conferences, wet labs, and scholarships. We have an exciting year planned and look forward to getting to know you! For more information about joining our national chapter please visit

President: Carly Campbell
Vice President: Sierra Seay
Treasurer: Shauna Davee
Secretary: Julia McClain
Advisor: Dr. David Christiansen
Dues: $25

AAFP - American Association of Feline Practitioners

AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners) is a club that is all about our feline friends! Since our curriculum tends to focus more on a canine model for small animal medicine, AAFP serves to provide opportunities to learn more about the feline patient. We aim to cover a broad scope of topics, including some specific feline diseases, feline radiology, addressing common behavior issues, owning a feline-only practice, managing feral cats, and proper restraining techniques. For those interested in exotics, we also look for opportunities to learn about large cats – lions, tigers, bobcats, etc.. In the past we have been involved in a volunteer trip to a local animal sanctuary called Cedar Hill, and this year, we are exploring the possibility of a zoo trip! Even if you do not particularly care for cats, about 23% of the questions on the national licensing exam (NAVLE) are feline-related, so joining AAFP would be a great opportunity to start expanding your knowledge beyond the classroom, even as a first year! AAFP typically meets once a month for a lecture on an important feline topic. This year, the officer team is also planning on holding a couple of wet labs on feline handling, physical exams, and hopefully a spay/neuter lab using cadavers. Whether you love cats, want to become a feline-only specialist, or would rather they keep their distance, it is important that we all learn about feline medicine. We hope to see you at our interest meeting!

President: Amanda Whitman
Secretary: Aynsely Wheeler
Treasurer: Dixie Morgan
Advisor: Dr. Sharon Grace
Dues: $10

ACVIM - American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

The main mission of the Chapter is to disseminate information about the function of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) and its various specialties to its student affiliates. In doing this, the Chapter will encourage student affiliates to pursue activities related to cardiology, neurology, oncology, large animal internal medicine, and small animal internal medicine such that they are able to gain exposure and experience in this area outside of the classroom and facilitate their own understanding of the discipline. As well as, to encourage pursuit of advanced training (internships or residencies) in the various specialties of American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) by the Chapter student affiliates.

President: Zoey Stump
Vice President: Grace Stringer
Secretary: Carly Campbell
Treasurer: Leah Hadskey
Advisor: Dr. Michela Beasley
Dues: $20

Alpha Psi

Alpha Psi is a National Veterinary Fraternity that, Since 1907, has carried on traditions and values of the Veterinary Medical career. Our chapter hosts several socials events including tailgates, bar crawls, Halloween Party, Crawfish Boil, 5K, and more to come. In addition to all the fun, we also participate in several philanthropic activities throughout the year, supporting Safe Haven. As a member of Alpha Psi, you will be able to attend all these events at no extra cost and relax with your fellow classmates. We also provide an excellent atmosphere to build future connections and allow students to enjoy the social aspect of Vet school to the fullest extent.

President: AK Tomilson
Vice President: Anabel Debruhl
Secretary: Ashlynn Dickman
Treasurer: Caylin Potter
Philanthropy: Marissa Gomez
Social Chair: Logan Tucker
Alumni Delegate: Grace Stringer
Advisor: Dr. Ben Nabors
Dues (couple prices apply to a significant other that is NOT a vet student):
1st year dues: $80 single ($120 couple)
2nd year dues: $65 single ($100 couple)
3rd year dues: $35 ($50 couple)
4th year dues: $20 ($30 couple)

ASLAP - American Society of Lab Animal Practitioners

The American Society of Laboratory Animal Practitioners (ASLAP) is the only organization that directly represents laboratory animal practitioners within the AVMA. The purpose of the Student Chapter of the American Society of Laboratory Animal Practitioners is to foster educational activities in the veterinary specialty of Laboratory Animal Medicine and to familiarize the members with standards and regulations pertaining to this discipline. The MSU CVM chapter of ASLAP will hold events directed at educating members on ethical issues and concerns in using research animals, exposure to different aspects of the career of a laboratory animal veterinarian, bring speakers from the field, and organize trips to various research facilities. Club members are encouraged, but not required, to join the national ASLAP society as well. We plan to make this club a resource for not only those students interested in lab animal medicine, but also anyone interested in research and animal welfare issues.

President: Megan Delorenzo
Vice President: Cassie Barber
Secretary & Treasurer: Courtney Baugher
Advisor: Dr. Bridget Willeford
Dues: $20

V.O.I.C.E./Pride VMC (Veterinary Medical Community)
Broad Spectrum Veterinary Student Association’s mission is to connect, support and empower community for LGBTQ+ students and allies across veterinary education. LGBTQ+ will be used as an inclusive acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, Asexual and others who self-identify on the sexual orientation and/or gender expression continuums. The MSU-CVM V.O.I.C.E./Pride VMC chapter was founded in Spring 2017 by a group of LGBTQ+ and allied students. We welcome all veterinary students, faculty, and staff of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Allies are also welcome! So, if you are ready to make a difference in the veterinary community at MSU-CVM V.O.I.C.E./Pride VMC may be the club for you! Veterinary medicine is the least diverse profession in existence in terms of representation by all races, genders, and sexual orientations. As a result, the profession lacks cultural competency, which decreases the quality of client relationships and undermines comradery with colleagues. The MSU-CVM chapter of Veterinarians as One In Culture and Empowerment (V.O.I.C.E.) helps promote inclusion by visiting area schools, hosting informational lectures, and throwing fun social events. All veterinary students, faculty and staff, and undergrad students are welcome to join! This year we hope to have events relevant to a broad variety of topics, including but not limited to: LGTBQ+ issues

President: Kylie Fischer
Vice President: Dixie Morgan
Treasurer & Secretary: Keegan Jones
Advisors: Dr. Patty Lathan and Dr. Brittany Moore-Henderson
Dues: $5

CVF - Christian Veterinary Fellowship

Christian Veterinary Fellowship is the student chapter of the Christian Veterinary Mission that promotes spiritual growth and professional development of veterinary students. This organization will provide encouragement for your Christian walk and opportunities to serve Christ as a veterinarian. We meet once a week at lunchtime for fellowship and a devotional. We also participate in local service projects as well as foreign mission trips. We are planning several social events as well. The mission statement of Christian Veterinary Mission is: “To challenge, empower and facilitate veterinarians to serve others through their profession, living out their Christian faith.” God Bless!

President/Missions Chair: Kellie Pernula
Vice President: Hannah Kruse
Secretary: Sophie Mauldin
Treasurer: Laken Armstrong
Primary Devotional Leader: Reece Paulk
Advisor: Dr. Skip Jack
Dues: $25

Ophthalmology Club

The Ophthalmology Club at MSU-CVM is a newly created organization for those interested in the field of veterinary ophthalmology. The primary purpose of our organization is to expose veterinary students to the field and give hands on learning experiences with a variety of species. These activities will spark interest and help prepare students for the ophthalmology rotation.

President: Lucie Henein
Vice President: Madison Taylor
Secretary: Molly McKeown
Advisors: Dr. Betbeze & Dr. Telle

SCACVP- Student Chapter of American College of Veterinary Pathologists

Have you ever wondered how a disease process manifests itself? Well, Pathology Club is dedicated to expanding students’ knowledge in the study of disease through learning and experiencing different processes. In general, pathology can give you the building blocks to practice successful medicine and it will correlate with at least three courses you will take during your time at MSU-CVM. Throughout the year, the club will offer slide reviews, plenty of necropsies, and additional events/trips that only members of the club will get to experience! You will also receive great mentorship and potentially gain additional contacts with other veterinarians. So, if you're into studying disease (and not afraid to get a little messy), then Pathology Club might just be the club for you!

President: Cassie Barber
Vice President: Caroline Coussins
Secretary: Rachel Claus
Treasurer: Marissa Gonzalez
Advisor: Dr. Alicia Olivier
Dues: $10

SCASV - Student Chapter of the Association of Shelter Veterinarians

Shelter medicine is a unique field of veterinary medicine that is rapidly growing. The Shelter Medicine Club is a student chapter of the Association of Shelter Veterinarians as well as the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association. The mission of these organizations is to improve the health and well-being of animals in shelters through the advancement of shelter medicine as well as to advocate for humane treatment of all animals through educational presentations, community service programs, and other activities. Through this club, you will have the opportunity to hear from some exceptional speakers and discuss with them the multiple aspects of shelter medicine. We will have monthly meetings focused on the control of infectious diseases and trauma in shelter settings, shelter animal behavioral rehabilitation, pet sterilization methods and trap-neuter-release programs, as well as the veterinarian’s role in animal cruelty prevention, recognition, and reporting.

President: Dixie Morgan
Vice President: Lauren Zell
Secretary & Treasurer: Kaylynn Cantrell
Advisor: Dr. Kimberly Woodruff
Dues: $20

SAVMA - Student American Veterinary Medical Association

The Student American Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA) was created in 1969 as the national organization of veterinary students, which has enabled individual Student Chapters of the AVMA (SAVMAs) to function effectively as a single unit on the national level. Currently, SAVMA is comprised of 35 student chapters (30 in the U.S., 1 in Canada, 2 in the Caribbean, and 2 in the United Kingdom) at accredited veterinary medical schools/colleges and one student association organization in the Caribbean representing a total of over 15,000 veterinary student members and associate members. Being a member in Good Standing of SAVMA for all 4 years of veterinary school will allow each student to be automatically converted to the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association). Being part of SAVMA or the AVMA will provide educational opportunities, legal and medical insurances. The AVMA works with federal and local legislatures to formulate legislation that affects students and veterinarians.

President: Mary Catherine Beard
Fundraising Chair: Gladys Reyes-Palacios
Secretary: Bailey Pederson
Treasurer: Jessica Sparks
Social Chair: Ashley Beyer
IVSA Liason: Haley Zetterholm
Webmaster/Vet Gazette: Ian Evans
Wellness Chair: Zoe Dudiak
Class of 2021 Representative: Sara Amport
Class of 2022 Representative:
Class of 2023 Representative: Claire Foster
Class of 2024 Representative: Lea Cornelius
Advisors: Dr. Linford and Dr. Grissett

SCDART - Student Chapter of the Disaster Animal Response Team

The Student Chapter-Disaster Animal Response Team (SCDART) teaches students how to handle disaster and emergency situations in relation to both animals and humans alike. Students will have the opportunity to learn from local, state, and/or federal agencies in various training opportunities. Key training will include proper emergency equipment handling, first aid techniques, and appropriate actions in a disaster response. Over the years SCDART has worked with the local fire department, Search and Rescue Dogs, and K-9 training centers for police and working dogs. As a member, you will also have access to certification events that could strengthen your future career. For example, members have the opportunity to be trained in certain aspects of the National Incident Management System (ICS-100, 200, 700), and can also complete the requirements to become part of the Mississippi Animal Response Team (MART). MART members will have received the training and certificates necessary to assist in emergency or disaster situations, such as the Alabama tornadoes or Hurricane Katrina. If MART is deployed, certified members will be the first students from Mississippi State called on to aid in the disaster response.

President: Sydney Harter
Vice President: Ashley Smith
Treasurer & Secretary: Bethsy Milletty
Advisor: Dr. Carla Huston
Dues: $20

Surgery Club

The Surgery Club at MSU-CVM is a student organization for those interested in the field of surgery. As always, our goal is to promote the education of vet students here at Mississippi State and stimulate an interest in veterinary surgery. We will present lectures and provide experiences that introduce you to various surgical topics, techniques and procedures. The Surgery Club combines topics related to both large and small animal surgery, and offers several wet labs that provide great hands-on experience. Planned events include an orthopedic wet lab, a suture lab, and a number of invited guest speakers. This club is a great way to foster those interested in veterinary surgery and facilitate communication and interaction between vet students and vet surgeons here at MSU-CVM. We encourage you to contact any of the club officers and look forward to seeing you at our interest meeting in the Fall.

President: Alyssa Lycans
Vice President:Kaylynn Cantrell
Secretary: Joseph Evans
Treasurer: Grace Stringer
Advisors: Dr. Diana Eubanks and Dr. Ryan Butler
First Year Dues: $30
Second Year Dues: $20
Third and Fourth Year Dues: $10

SRSP - Small Ruminant, Swine, and Poultry Club
The Small Ruminant, Swine, and Poultry Club is a relatively new club here at Mississippi State. SRSP caters to students that want to further their veterinary knowledge and skills in the realm of food animal medicine. SRSP will be hosting a number of different lectures and animal handling wet labs. Past experiences have included visiting to local dairy goat farms, FAMANCHA certification wet labs, poultry industry lectures from professionals and much more. SRSP is a great way to get hands on experience with non-traditional teaching species. Additionally, SRSP exposes student to unique fields of veterinary medicine.
President: Laken Armstrong
Vice President: Kyleigh Campbell
Secretary & Treasurer: Logan Tucker
Advisor: Dr. Beam and Dr. Grissett
1st/2nd Year Dues: $20
3rd/4th Year Dues: $10

SVECCS - Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society

We are the Mississippi State University chapter of the Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society. Emergency and critical care is a highly diverse field that encompasses many aspects of small animal, large animal, and exotic animal medicine. Additionally, emergencies are bound to arise regardless of the field of veterinary medicine one may practice in. With that in mind, SVECCS partners with our parent organization, VECCS, in order to give veterinary students the opportunity to learn and to experience the many facets of emergency medicine. We strive to provide unique learning opportunities that will expose students to different snapshots of clinical practice within an ER. Furthermore, our wet labs provide engaging and interactive learning experiences taught by experienced MSU CVM clinicians that allow students to move out of the classroom and to get a head start on practical skills that you will continue to learn throughout school as well as your career. Come join us and feel the rush!

President: Bethsy Milletty
Vice President: Jessica Jones
Secretary: Rachel Claus
Treasurer: Grace Stringer
Advisor: Dr. Kristie Chavez
First Year Dues: $25
Second Year Dues: $20
Third Year Dues: $15
Fourth Year Dues: $15

Theriogenology Club

Theriogenology Club is an organization designed to bring future veterinarians together that have an interest in reproductive physiology. From companion animals to livestock and equine, this club covers it all. Our officers work to ensure this organization is active and our members get the hands on experience we need to put us one step ahead for the classroom, clinics and one day, practice. We coordinate with experts in this field to balance presentations in the lecture room with wet labs. From palpation labs out at the farm, to artificial insemination of both small and large animals, this club aims to keep its members as active as possible. Whether you have never been exposed to reproductive physiology and only have a slight interest, to an avid cattle or dog breeder, Theriogenology Club is for you!

President: Alec Lucas
Vice President: Emily Vowell
Secretary: Megan Delorenzo
Treasurer: Carly Campbell
Advisors: Dr. Kevin Walters, Dr. Sidelinger, and Dr. Chisholm
Dues: $20

VBMA - Veterinary Business Management Association

The Veterinary Business Management Association is a national student-driven organization dedicated to advancing the profession through increasing business knowledge, creating networking opportunities, and empowering students to achieve their personal and professional goals. With VBMA, You can expect to learn things like how to best manage your student loan debt, how to negotiate your best salary/benefits package as a first-time veterinarian, and how to be an effective leader. VBMA also has the VBMA Community, which is a program consisting of VBMA alumni who can provide mentorship and networking opportunities to VBMA members. VBMA offers two business certificate programs: the Standard Business Certificate and the Honors Business Certificate. Both are nationally recognized by employers and give students an advantage when job searching or owning private practice. Members who complete these certificates gain knowledge on how to craft an effective resume, how to read and analyze important financial documents, and much more. Annual dues are $40.00/year, or $100.00 for a 4 year membership, which includes free personalized business cards. Come join the fun at VBMA, we are here to help you at every stage of your career, from first year, to graduation, and beyond!

President: Amanda Rowe-Fowler
Vice President: Kaylynn Cantrell
Treasurer: Zoey Stump
Secretary/BCP Chair: Caylin Potter
Sponsorship Chair & Marketing Director: Logan Tucker
Advisor: Dr. Joey Burt
Dues: $40/year or $100/4 years with free business cards

WEZAAM - Wildlife Exotic Zoo Avian and Aquatic Medicine

The purpose of the WEZAAM (Wildlife, Exotic, Zoo, Avian, and Aquatic Animal Medicine) club at MSU-CVM is to expose members to a variety of animal species that do not receive much lecture or rotation time. The club informs students about veterinary medicine with respect to the world of exotic animals and provides a way for those interested in wildlife and exotic medicine to pursue their passion. Club dues cover guest lecturers, food, wet labs, and field trips throughout the school year. Field trips and labs include: behind the scenes tours of the Memphis Zoo and Institute for Marine Mammal Studies, an exotics handling lab, and a lecture featuring The Freedom Ranch, a wildlife education organization. We are looking to expand for the upcoming year and potential plans include a behind the scenes tour of the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, a chemical immobilization delivery lab, and a wildlife course to include lectures and hands-on labs. If you have any interest in exotic animal medicine or are just looking to expand your knowledge, this club is a great opportunity.

President: Leah Hadskey
Vice President: Marissa Gonzalez
Treasurer: Alex McCafferty
Secretary: Amanda Rowe-Fowler
Advisor: Dr. Jeb Cade
Dues: $20


Below is a list of all the clubs that are not affiliated with SAVMA at Mississippi State University. To contact a club president, please click on their name.

Homeward Bound

Mission statement- The Homeward Bound Project of MS is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization operating since 2007 in Starkville, MS. Homeward Bound is run entirely by volunteers, most of whom are attending or working at the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine. They work with shelters in Mississippi to transport adoptable dogs and cats to adoption guaranteed rescues in the Northeast, thereby giving them a chance at a better life. Homeward Bound volunteers are incredibly passionate about the work they do and we welcome you to find that passion too! We have no dues and are not a SCAVMA club but you can get SCAVMA points for volunteering.

Homeward Bound Dogs
Foster Coordinator : Michelle Ryan
Adoption Corrdinator : Jessica Jones
Volunteer Coordinator: Allison Henessy
Medical Records Coordinator: Hannah Kruse
Social Media: Ashley Smith

Homeward Bound Cats
Kitten Adoption Coordinator: Amanda Whitman-Curry
Kitten Foster Coordinator: Keegan Jones
Kitten Records Coordinator: Kelsey Hawes
Kitten Medical Coordinator: Sydney Tamashiro
Social Media: Ashley Smith

Director: Terri Snead

WAVMA - World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association

The World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association was established in 2006 with the purpose of catering to the growing field of aquatic veterinary medicine, and the MSU CVM WAVMA chapter is one of only 10 student chapters in the country. The goal of the club is to expose veterinary students to the many opportunities within the field of aquatic medicine. Our plans for the upcoming semester are to have wet labs for fish dissection and electrofishing as well as behind the scenes tours at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies and the Mississippi Aquarium. We also plan to have lectures on fish anatomy and physiology and careers in the aquatic veterinary field from speakers who have experience in different aspects of aquatic medicine. This club is a great opportunity for anyone already wishing to pursue a career in aquatic veterinary medicine, as well as anyone who would like to learn about the possibilities within the field!

President: Emili McClure
Vice President: Annie Carrigan
Treasurer: Blake Campbell
Secretary: Walker Hyche
Advisor: Dr. Skip Jack
First Year Dues: $25
Returning Members Dues: $20

Animals In Focus

Animals in Focus is a new organization that focuses on spreading awareness about, and educating the public on the human-animal bond. We meet a few times a semester and will hold various events throughout the year. This club will strengthen your relationship with local shelters, allow you to educate the local community, and work with fellow students.

Vet Student Representative: Jaymie Danford
President: Lea Cornelius
Vice President: Ashlee Mitchke
Secretary: Ember West
Treasurer: Alexis Higgins
Fundraising Chair: Sarah Heifner
Community Service Chair: Makayla Minton
Dues: $15 per semester or $20 for the year

IVSA - International Veterinary Student Association

The International Veterinary Students’ Association (IVSA) aims to connect veterinary students around the world through international exchanges and meetings. If you wish to travel abroad for a veterinary experience, IVSA is here to support you. Traveling internationally will not only enhance your knowledge and network for your future career, but will also expand your cultural awareness. Through SAVMA dues, all students have access to the benefits of IVSA. The overall mission of MSU-CVM IVSA is to provide contacts and funding resources for our students to successfully achieve their international experience goals. Throughout the year, various members of the MSU-CVM community will share their cultures and experiences abroad with us. If enough interest is present, we can also hold fundraisers to internally aid in student travel as done previously.

IVSA Liaison: Amanda Rowe-Fowler



President: Peter McGinn
Vice President: Christopher McGee
Secretary/Treasurer: Rebecca Flinchbaugh
Fundraising Chairs: Monet McCarus and Hannah Carter
SAVMA Representative:Reilly Hale
Honor Court: Patrick Hatch and Natalie Clark


President: Joe Evans
Vice President: Brady Brown
Secretary/Treasurer: Caylin Potter
Fundraising Chair: Shauna Davee
SAVMA Representative: Claire Foster
Honor Court:Abbey Fleming and Hannah Kruse


President: Haley Zetterholm
Vice President: Ian Evans
Secretary/Treasurer: Hannah Pray
SAVMA Representative: Lea Cornelius
Honor Court: Gunner Edgell and Hart Harley
Fundraising Chair: Ella Swales
Social Chair: Molly McKeown


President: Nicholas Wheeler
Vice President: Hayden Brines
Secretary/Treasurer: Kathryn White
Fundraising Chair: Kasey Forton
SAVMA Representative: Savannah Lavallee
Honor Court: Michael Thomas and Alexis Polcawich

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