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AVMF Scholarship

AVMF/Winn Feline Foundation Scholarship - An annual $2,500 scholarship will be awarded to a 3rd or 4th year student who demonstrates an interest in feline veterinary medicine. The recipient of this award must be able to document a history of participation in activities that benefit the health and welfare of cats, including research, shelter work, cat clubs and other community service programs. A strong GPA and financial need are also considered for this scholarship.

Association for Women Veterinarians Foundation - For over 44 years this association provided scholarships to deserving veterinary students, regardless of gender. The organization's legacy continues to live in the Association for Women Veterinarians Foundation Legacy Scholarship Program. This scholarship is open to 2nd and 3rd year veterinary students.

Dr. Elinor McGrath Scholarship - Juliette Fassett, founder of Dr. McGrath's animal shampoo, partners with the AVMF in offering a $500 scholarship to a female veterinary student in her 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year of veterinary school. Dr. McGrath is recognized as America's first practicing female veterinarian. Born in 1888, she graduated from the Chicago Veterinary College in 1910 and went on to practice veterinary medicine in Chicago. She was also the first female admitted in to the AVMA. The recipient of this award will be selected based on her story of how she achieved her veterinary goals with the strength and determination of Dr. McGrath.

Mildred Sylvester Scholarship - The estate of Mildred Sylvester established an endowed scholarship that awards a $1,000 annual scholarship to an outstanding 1st, 2nd or 3rd year veterinary student with a connection to the state of New Jersey (current or past resident, high school or college graduate).

Merick Animal Health Veterinary Student Scholarship

$5000 to 2nd or 3rd year veterinary students that are SAVMA members

Auxiliary to the AVMA Legacy Endowed Scholarship:

$1,000 to 2nd or 3rd year veterinary students that are SAVMA members


Links to all of the grants available if you click on the grant (you will need your SAVMA user name and password to access):
Animal Welfare/Human-Animal Bond Committee Awards

Animal Welfare/Human-Animal Bond Project Grant: 7 awards of $500 each; deadline in January.

Animal Welfare/Human-Animal Bond Educational Lecture Grant: 4 awards at $250 each; deadline in January.

Commitment to Animal Welfare/Human-Animal Bond Award

Animal Welfare/Human-Animal Bond Travel Grant
Educational and Professional Development Committee Awards

Economics Issues Essay Contest: 2 awards at $250; deadline in January.

Extracurricular Funding Grant: 8 awards at $200 each; deadline in November and March.

Teaching Excellence Award: Winning teacher receives all-expense paid trip to SAVMA symposium; $125 award for author of winning entry; due in November.

SAVMA Symposium & AVMA Convention Travel Grant: 10 awards of $250 each for symposium (due in January); 4 awards of $250 each for convention (due in April).

NAVLE Study Package Scholarship: Due in April
Government Affairs Committee Awards

Government Outreach, Advocacy, and Leadership Grant: 6 grants of $500 each; due early march.

Policy Education Grant: 10 grants up to $500 each; due November.
Integrative Communications and Diversity Committee Awards

Cultural Diversity Awareness Grant: Due in February

Communicating the Diversity in Veterinary Medicine Grant: Due in March

Diversity and Communications Development Travel Grant: Due in March
International Veterinary Experience Committee Awards

International Experience Scholarship: 8 awards at $500 each; due in January.

IVSA Travel Scholarship: Due in September
Public Health and Community Outreach Committee Awards

Community Outreach Teaching Excellence Award: Winning teach receives $300 and trip to SAVMA symposium; due December.

Disaster Preparedness Grant: Two $1000 grants and one $500 grant for clubs; due in April.

Underserved Area/Youth Interest Stipend: 8 awards for $500 each; rolling application.
One Health Project

Each school is eligible for up to $700 for one health project


AVMA Externship Stipend Program

$1,000 stipend to help students alleviate expenses incurred while they perform their externships. Stipends awarded for externships in non-clinical practice settings (public practice, industry, research) and food supply veterinary practice settings.
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